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Air cooled chillers

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Reach the ideal temperature and quality for your production. We are experts in commercial and industrial refrigeration. We focus on the engineering, assessment and distribution of the best brands of chillers and refrigeration equipment and components.

DRAKE chiller models

• Fractional Air-Packaged hermetics single circuit chiller (25S-100S)

• Value-Line air single circuit chiller (1S-10S)

• Packaged-Air scroll single circuit chiller (12S-380S)

• Packed-Air scroll dual circuit chiller (72D-760D)

• Packaged-Air digital scroll dual circuit (72D-360D)

• Packaged-Air semi-hermetic single circuit chiller (100S-600S)

• Packaged-Air semi-hermetic dual circuit chiller (150-1200D)

• Packaged-Air multi circuit chiller (150M-250M)

• Packaged-Air screw dual circuit chiller (800D-T-2000D-T)

 TURMOIL chiller models. 

• NRCA- Closed circuit Chillers 

• NRCA-Open circuit Chillers 

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